About Community IT

Community IT is a community based project with a primary focus of providing access to digital technology to individuals, groups and organisation who may struggle to gain access otherwise.

We do this by accepting donations of technology equipment, and running free workshops, open to the public to teach computer repair skills and donating the newly repaired items.

We have also been accepted as a DIAA (Digital Inclusion Alliance Aotearoa) Industry Partner which allows us to provide subsidised broadband via the Skinny Jump Program.


If you have technology assets that are surplus to requirements, we’d love to repurpose them.

To find out what we can accept, click the more info button.


We run a monthly, open workshop session for anybody who is interested in learning about tech repair in a practical environment.

These sessions are free and open to all.


We donate through many different mediums. If you know of someone who is in need of technology equipment and meets our criteria, please get in touch.

Subsidised Broadband

As a DIAA Industry Partner, we can provide ultra-low cost broadband through as the Skinny Jump programme to approved applicants.

Donations Received

We provide a list of all donations received from the public to ensure our operations are as transparent as possible.

Donations Made

The list of all donations we make are provided here.